Three Reasons I Support 100 Women Who Care


100 Women Who Care is a group of women who are interested in supporting our local community in Livingston County by contributing to local charities together as a unit to increase the impact.  For more information about 100 Women Who Care – Livingston County, CLICK HERE.



1.  It’s about story.

The story tells the “why” behind the heart of a non-profit.  

Last night at the Livingston County 100 Women Who Care quarterly meeting, two women told their story of a season in their lives…a time of homelessness and abuse.   At that point, the two came together and partnered with a mission. They agreed when they were able to get out of their current situation, they would go back.  Go back and help those who needed the help that they once did.

The answer…a mobile truck with good food going to neighborhoods offering meals with no questions asked.  Focused on creating relationships…building trust.  Providing more than food.

Because they are the recipient of 100 Women Who Care’s funding, they now are gearing up for the next step.  Making meals more efficiently in a real kitchen (no longer in the confinement of a truck) and thinking jobs for the homeless…connecting people for possibilities.  Creating a way out.

They understand better than anyone because they have lived this life.   And they understand needs and solutions.

2.  It’s about diversity.

Looking at the earth and the people in it, one thing I am sure about in life is that God loves diversity.

So often our perspectives are limited because we are surrounded by people of similar backgrounds, experiences, age, and more.  “Like seeks out like.”  Some believe (as I once did) that giving money to certain needs such as feeding the hungry food is more important than others.

But what about a non-profit created by local teachers who learn that a student has no bed or bedroom and is the reason he is tired all day at school.  These teachers are extraordinary individuals who saw a need and created a solution that makes a difference in a student’s life.  Creating a non-profit because they know there are others in the same situation.

This is an example of a non-profit who was benefited by 100 Women Who Care’s generosity.

Some non-profits deal with quality of life, put value on the lives of animals, and feed the soul.  Non-profits such as the Livingston County Humane Society (who won in the spring of 2015) or Horse’s Haven,  providing shelter, care, and a potential new home for animals.   Tells much about us and our compassion for taking proper care of those who have no voice.

3.  It’s about community.

We all have more power when this diverse group of women come together to make a difference.

Finally, understanding the value of a community of women that is able to give back locally to non-profits of all sizes…and for all types of needs.   Much more than any one of us can do!   To open one’s heart to different needs, perspectives and be part of solutions.

What makes a difference in someone’s life.  Maybe it is a meal, maybe a bed, maybe a judge in a courtroom who has compassion for people who physically leave a war but still feels the affects of the battle, a teacher that cares…or maybe it is through sponsoring a horse that creates focus and purpose in someone’s life through the caring they give.

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