“We don’t change the world by starting with our brilliant ideas, our dreams; we change the world by helping others to live their dreams. The story of ideas that fly is the story of the people who embrace them, love them, adopt them, care about them and share them.


Successful ideas are the ones that become meaningful to others—helping them to see what’s possible for them.


Our ideas fly when we show others their wings.”  ~  BERNADETTE JIWA, the Story of Telling

My Business Story


The needs and wants of my clients…

  • Desire for a great online presence to draw customers to see the value of their business.
  •  Limited time, funds, and/or lack of desire to express their business in WORDS.
  • Lack of objectivity in knowing how to promote themselves…and not large enough to have a dedicated marketing department.

Problems That My Clients Face…

  • Create a website themselves…but end result lacks organization, focused message, professional design.
  • Not having input throughout the process and being dissatisfied with finished product.
  • Lack of a strategy and input in what to highlight in promoting themselves.
  • Fear of spending too much money and being uncertain of value.
Small business websites are often inadequate…but left ignored because of indecision.

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology. You can’t start with the technology and try to figure out where you’re going to try to sell it …  ~ STEVE JOBS, THE BEFORE AND THE AFTER

What My Business Provides to Clients…

  • A creative expression of their business…focused on identified strengths.
  • Understanding of how their products or services BENEFIT their clients.
  • An ability to expand their website as their business evolves.

The Elements of What I Sell

First, I sell a SERVICE!

It is a simple as asking questions and making suggestions.

Second, I sell a PRODUCT…A WEBSITE!

A website that does the best job possible for connecting a business, a non-profit, or a blogger online through:

  • speaking the right language
  • telling a true story
  • understanding of how consumers make decisions. 

Then, it is about creativity.


Reflecting ALL that you are and will BE!

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