I have a love/hate relationship with politics (like many).  It is a tough business. I do not have the right skin for it.

At the same time, I care. And I am passionate about what I believe to be true. I feel a responsibility to put in my piece of the puzzle. Play a role where I may make a difference.

Bill Rogers is running to be the next Genoa Township Supervisor. I have known Bill going back to the mid 1980’s. I have known him as a friend, husband, dad, (and now grandfather), banker, business owner, county commissioner, chair of the county commissioners, state representative and much more.

For six years, I was director of the Small Business Development Center covering Livingston County. In that role, I invested my energy into helping local entrepreneurs through business counseling and running business planning programs. I also reported to the Livingston County Board of Commissioners on a regular basis.

This role gave me a unique perspective of the operation of the county. I developed working relationships with the members of the Board of Commissioners and the county administrator and reported to the them regularly.  I also met with business and community leaders who also had a passion for strengthening local businesses. That is where I have seen the hard work professionally put in by Bill and many others.

Bill has been one of many who has worked diligently as a leader to get our county to where it is now. 

Bill Rogers Genoa Township Supervisor

Election for the Next Genoa Township Supervisor

Bill Rogers is running to be the next Genoa Township Supervisor. Since all three candidates are Republicans, the winner of the primary in August will be the eventual township supervisor. And what often happens in local elections, this election involves people all active in our community. People who are our neighbors. People who also care about our community.


Below are the three reasons I believe make Bill the right choice for the next Genoa Township Supervisor.


Bill has owned and operated a business (building modular/system built homes) that requires him to work in his role as a business owner with municipalities. Pulling permits starting with the township with land use permits. His business also puts him into the position of connecting with the County Road Commission for driveways; Health Department for septic systems; Drain Commission for soil erosion,; getting variances for set back requirements and other requirements for a building business.

He has put up 30+ homes on Lake Chemung. He has homes going up today both in Genoa Township and the surrounding areas.

The benefit is that Bill has been on both sides of the table with different boards and committees.



Bill started out in banking. And if you follow his career through having a successful business, to his role serving as a county commissioners, to state representative, you will see his strength in the financial arena. And I can personally testify to his lack of experience in marketing…my strength.

The next Genoa Township Supervisor needs strong financial skills and experience.



Having great existing relationships helps to get things done. When I was director of the SBDC, I ran business planning programs very successfully. The reason they worked well in this community was because I had relationships to call on to speak at weekly programs and to show up for our program graduations. I was supported by business owners, community leaders, and elected officials.

The same applies to the role of a township supervisor. Bill has been involved with so much local development, I am not going to go into detail here. The one I will highlight is the Latson Road development that continues to be an issue that the Genoa Township Board will continue to be actively involved.

But what Bill does not do is show favoritism. He has shared stories with me where someone called and wanted to be treated differently because of their role in the community. He held his ground (and sometimes has paid a price).

For more information about the campaign to elect Bill Rogers as the next Genoa Township Supervisor, please go to http://rogersforgenoasupervisor.net.  



This is Bill’s business.  Building affordable homes on lakes and on property throughout Genoa Township and surrounding areas.  The photo is of a home currently going up on Lake Chemung directly across from a previous home built by EBI.

Total of 30+ homes built by EBI on Lake Chemung (not counting others within township).

Bill Rogers Genoa Township Home Builder

Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design located in Brighton, Michigan. For more information about Nancy J Web Design, go to http://nancyjwebdesign.com.

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