I have a confession to make!

Along with making websites for others, I have probably made 15 different ones for myself since I started this business. My husband has warned me that people will think I am indecisive. And he has a point. What I did not expect to happen…was liking so many different styles from the very “pretty” ones to the “high tech” ones.

And deciding what is right for me as a solo entrepreneur has been all trial and error. My tools are computers.

But my mission is to connect people online.

I like the “discovery” phase. I talk to others about their purpose, their ideal customers, what their ideal customers need or want, what my client’s business does differently than the competition, how do they convert prospective clients…

The list goes on.  To do that for ourselves, we need feedback.  That is why I say I partner with my clients.  I don’t have all the answers but together we can come up with new ideas.

And I love the feedback I get from my clients!

A client said to me today, “This is why I like working with you. You offer me something that I have not gotten from other website design companies.” That feedback gives me a sense of purpose. This is what comes easy to me. I am working in my strengths.

That is success.


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