Learning From Stories at “Powered Up in Pink”

Being inspired by strong and wise women!

Yesterday was the “Powered Up in Pink” luncheon put on by the Professional Women’s Club of Michigan, a part of the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, to raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.


My biggest takeaway!

Imagining…I am the one who gets the phone call.  Come back in and bring my husband.  Don’t get dressed yet…we need more images.  The doctor would like to talk with you.  The shock, the tears, the fears that come…many questions.  Treatment, hair, sickness…what to expect?

But then…what decisions would I make???

What changes will come out of this new (and dreaded) experience.  Not right now...please, God, not right now...later. There will be a better time than RIGHT now.  I’m really NOT in the mood for this.  I like my normal, everyday problems.  I surely don’t want to think about my mortality, and FOR SURE, I don’t want to see it in the mirror.



Does one dive in deeper into an early stage business with even more passion?  (I relate to that one because that is where I am.)  Does one walk in and quit a job?  Are decisions made to pursue elected office and to increase her leadership role?  Do you decide to take this experience and turn it into a passion for helping others?  Do you sell a business?  Changes based on a new perspective that yes, you are the one who has received this diagnosis.  Not protected because you have no family history.  Not protected for any number of reason that keep us safe and in denial.

I would even think to myself…wrong disease, God!  I’m supposed to have heart disease…and in my plans, I still have more time for that one.

Our Panel of Women Warriors

Our Women Warriors from left:

Carol Griffith; Chairwoman of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners; Griffith Realty

Molly MacDonald; Founder and CEO; The Pink Fund

Sandra Bostwick: President; Ruby Slipper Design

Lesley Delgado: President; Strategic Recruiting Services

Jennifer Jurgens: Executive Director; Susan G. Komen Michigan



The answer to all these questions is YES!

YES, women do keep their eyes on their passion that currently exists OR they eventually find new ways to express it.  Life doesn’t stop. But it is hard.  One panelist expressed feelings that maybe her family would be better off without her here for financial reasons. The future feels unknown and in reality it is.  Middle of the night thoughts must be overwhelming.

My experience with doctors and statistics

The closest thing that I have experienced in life that could remotely be similar to our panel’s experiences would be as an older mom having twins.  I entered into the world of statistics where I jumped from one in a thousand, to one in one hundred, to one in three for predictions about the health of one of the twins.  Doctors live in a world of statistics.  I never had.  I kept seeing lines of people (from 1,000 people when I was a young mom, to 100 as an older mom, to only 3 after tests). Those were the chances. Fortunately, those statistics just affected a few weeks of my life when we received the “all good” notice. I do remember it well.  Doctors talking statistics like my course in college, and I felt lost with how to deal with the information emotionally.

The Decision I Have Made Since the Luncheon

My faith is most important to me followed by my husband and family.  But my business is also important.  I love what I am doing.  And that won’t change.

I will be like Sandra Bostwick of Ruby Slipper Design.  I will stay on track and continue to grow this business.


Thank you to this amazing group of women who shared their stories with us!

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