I am a worrier. Can be high anxiety! This approach to life was present in the home I grew up in. And the problems usually involved the family business. Energy was put into worry as if it would solve the problem.

Today I see the world differently. Life is a series of problems. Simply put, become a problem solver. Doesn’t need analyzing. Doesn’t need worry attached to it. Simplify life. This is today’s problem and this is what I can do about it. Take the emotion out of it. Give yourself some time to let the right answer come to you (my biggest challenge…patience).  Ask someone who handles problems well for advice. Someone who handles problems with grace.

My worst time used to be at night. I would lay my head on the pillow and start reviewing problems or challenges. DON’T DO THAT! That is not the time to review the day or think about the next. It is the time for rest.


Three Quick Tips in Dealing With Worry

  1. Avoid people who give you poor advice.
  2. Watch people who handle problems well. Practice what you see them do.
  3. Understand some of life is out of your control. Don’t let that spoil the day you are in.


Enjoy your day working in business.  Enjoy the people you work with. And don’t let the problems that will inevitably come ruin the day for you!

Written by Nancy Johnson (a self-confessed but doing better worrier), blogger at Social Eyes on Business and web designer at Nancy J Web Design.

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