Guess what I hear from clients in my office?  Especially from very creative people.  “This is hard for me to do.  I am CONTROLLING!   But I have to let go because I need help…I don’t have enough time to do it all.”

I think, GREAT!   Over the years, I have realized I can be controlling myself.   I have a pretty strong opinion of life and what I think works that resides within me.  When I am passionate about something, I will put MUCH effort into it.  When I don’t believe in something, I have trouble staying focused.  And I find it difficult to go along.

Characteristics that I ENJOY in clients is a passion to grow, to learn, and a willingness to try.

I see my clients as partners in building websites.

My goal is to make the process a great experience.

My motivation is for my clients to succeed in their business, meet their goals with their non-profit or even to get elected.  Whatever their purpose, I want them to achieve it.

But at the same time, I have learned that a desire to control can be difficult.  No one wants to be around a person who thinks they are right all the time.  And thinking you are right does not necessarily mean that you are!  We all need to appreciate the diversity in personalities and strengths that exist.

Here are a few reminders to myself:

  1. We all see the world differently and much of what we think is truth…is opinion.
  2. Clients hire particular businesses for the positive experience they expect.  Focus on the client’s experience.
  3. A business can be successful without having a great online presence.  The world does not totally revolve around online!
  4. Successful websites speak the language of the client’s customers…not the language of the client.
  5. Keep a willingness to learn and to change my mind.  Small business success is a process. And great websites continue to grow with updated content.


As an entrepreneur, celebrate your controlling, bulldog personality.  But keep the value of your relationships in mind.


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