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The year was 1988…and the Livingston Business Development Center (BDC) opened!

A benefit of being “seasoned” is life offers much to reflect on for business lessons learned.


Livingston County was a leader!

In 1988, as a result of a partnership between Joyce Rogers, Executive Director of the Greater Brighton Area Chamber of Commerce, and Lee Reeves, Executive Director of the Howell Area Chamber of Commerce, the Livingston Business Development Center was started.   Dennis Whitney, who would serve in the position for 20+ years, was hired as the Director of the center.  And I was hired with the title “Associate”.

Starting up something new

Nancy 1990 rotated

There is something very exciting about starting something that didn’t exist before whether it is starting a business or  new offices offering new services to a community.   Being on the ground floor of something you hope will have impact and value!


What makes for a great boss

A great boss cares about employees, their lives, and their career paths.

The Michigan Business Development Center was new with a two week business counselor certification program.   Dennis was in the first group that was certified.

And he enrolled me in the second group to be certified.   Two weeks up north at resorts (translate fun), but he also reported that there would be role playing in the middle of a circle of participants (translate terror) and written tests on all subject matter (some trepidation).

The moment that stands out today is a feeling from pumping gas leaving the training at the end of the second week.  It was a moment of “I did it well” and exhilaration.   (and the result of my hours of worry…they changed the format for the role playing, and it was a highlight…and passed all the tests)


Simple moments remembering life changing experiences



Movie recommendation…

Last weekend, my husband and I watched the movie Jersey Boys about the music group, The Four Seasons.   Watching it was great fun, and I recommend it for everyone but especially those of us  “seasoned”!


Thank you to Michelle Miller for sending me the newspaper clipping announcing my certification back from 1990! 

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