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I am a woman in process.  I’m just trying like everybody else.  

I try to take every conflict, every experience, and learn from it.


~ Oprah Winfrey


It is the morning of December 31, 2015.  I have had the common cold that decided to lodge itself in my head with no plans to leave. So I have spent much time on the couch with TV.  With the crazy news.  Politics, terrorism, floods, and all.

I sit in a warm, safe home gazing at a bright Christmas tree.  And I think about the year ahead.

Being grateful is a choice.  

My quick three reasons to be grateful this morning:

  1. I have GREAT role models that teach me every day.  Some don’t know that I learn from them.
  2. I know I can do better with communication with my clients.  Figuring that out is exciting to me..
  3. I have passion for life and believe in my sphere of influence, I can make a difference.  My life has meaning.

So thank you to the people in my life.  Starting with my husband who is out shopping for our New Year’s dinner even as I sit here with Kleenex and afghans.  I am blessed.

Look forward to seeing all that happens in the world of small business in 2016!  And being a part of it with YOU.

Written by Nancy Johnson, founder of Social Eyes on Business, a website design and business coaching company.  Many elements to a successful website.  Have questions, give me a call at (586) 817-9196 or click here.

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